Periodic Statements

Periodic Statement – 31 December 2016

This statement represents a periodic statement for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 for your holding in Gateway Lifestyle Group. 

Gateway Lifestyle Group (GTY) is comprised of one share in Gateway Lifestyle Operations Limited and one unit in Residential Parks No. 2 Trust (RPT2) which are stapled so that they can only be traded together. Gateway Lifestyle Group's stapled securities trade on the ASX.

As a component of a Gateway Lifestyle Group stapled security includes a unit in RPT2, certain provisions of the Corporations Act (2001) (the Act) apply and these disclosures are made in accordance with section 1017D of the Act. These disclosures should not be relied on by a Securityholder for the purpose of preparing their income tax returns. In September each year Securityholders are sent a separate tax statement which contains information required to complete an Australian tax return.

Estimated Total Fees and Indirect Costs

The following information sets out information in a form prescribed by the Act.

The Total Fees represent the estimated total fees and costs incurred by each Securityholder for their investment in Gateway Lifestyle Group stapled securities.

The Total Fees comprise the fees which have been charged directly to the Securityholder and the Indirect Costs which have not been deducted directly from the Securityholder's account. There are no direct fees charged and the estimated Total Fees amount is only comprised of Indirect Costs which have not been separately charged.

In accordance with the Act, this disclosure includes the Total Fees with respect to the Gateway Lifestyle Group stapled securities as a whole and not just the RPT2 units.

Indirect Costs is the approximate amount that has been deducted from your investment and includes amounts that have reduced the return on your investment but are not charged directly to you as a fee. This amount is not required to include management costs paid or payable by one member of Gateway Lifestyle Group to other members of the Group.

Indirect Costs include costs such as registry, custody, accounting, employee benefits expense, corporate costs, office costs and other administrative fees. Indirect Costs exclude costs that the investor would incur if the investor invested directly in the

The estimated Indirect Costs for Gateway Lifestyle Group are as follows:

12 months ended 30 June 2016
Average number of stapled securities (m) 265.8
Indirect Costs ($m) 0.9
Indirect Costs per stapled security ($) 0.0035

Securityholders can calculate their estimated Indirect Costs by multiplying the "Indirect Costs per stapled security"(from the table above) by their average holding balance during the 12 months ended 30 June 2016.